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Dual Voltage MMA Welder

True to its name, the dual-voltage MMA welder can freely switch between 220V single phase and 380V three-phase. Lightweight, sturdy and durable, it is a piece of welding equipment that delivers stable, powerful electric arc. High duty cycle makes the welder suitable for use with various diameters of electrode. IP23 rating ensures its operating safety even under severe working conditions.

Made with inverting technology, our dual voltage MMA welder can achieve high power factor. It saves your electricity bill and production cost. Arc-ignition current ensures fast start-up. Complete welding functions give great flexibility. Moreover, users can connect this welding unit to any electric generator and use cellulose electrode for outdoor welding applications.

1. This series of arc welder is able to produce quality electric arcs continuously despite the voltage or temperature changes. It causes little weld flash and enables a smooth, flat weld. Various materials can be welded by our inverter welding unit, including low-carbon steel, stainless steel, and hard-facing electrode.
2. Unique arc force control makes this dual-voltage welder a real eye-catcher. It not only can produce suitable arcs for soft soldering, but also strikes powerful drive arcs that are useful in heavy-load welding and air gouging applications.
3. Built-in hook and foldable welding box design allow the welder to be easily stored and handled. 3 such welders can be stacked up to save factory save.
4. Fully enclosed box provides all-time protection for the control circuit inside it. Basic components are sealed with special epoxy and coated with enamel for insulation against humidity and corrosive air.
5. Overheat and malfunction indicator lights prevent machine damages resulting from overheat and other common machine fault. They serve as a guarantee of long use life.
6. Air cooler further prevents our MMA welder from overheat.

Technical Specifications

MMA Welder Model ARC-200DT ARC-250DT ARC-315DT ARC-400DT
Input Voltage(V) 220V ± 15%
380V ± 15%
220V ± 15%
380V ± 15%
220V ± 15%
380V ± 15%
220V ± 15%
380V ± 15%
Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated input current(A) 230V/43.6
Rated duty cycle (%) 60 60 60 60
No-load voltage (V) DC55-65 65 70 70
Output adjustment range (A) 30-200 30-250 30-315 30-400
Efficiency (%) 85 85 85 85
Power factor (%) 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93
Protection class F F F F
Insulation class IP21S IP21S IP21S IP21S
Weight(Kg) 9 14.5 14.5 14.5
MMA Welder Dimensions (mm) 371×153×232 440×200×330 500×260×420 500×260×420
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