1. Economical MMA WelderDurable, sturdy and lightweight, this economical MMA welder can makes your daily welding chores a bit easier. Known for its excellent electric arc, this MMA welding unit is often used in the argon welding process. High duty cycle allows the arc welder to use various diameters of electrodes.
    1. Dual Voltage MMA WelderTrue to its name, the dual-voltage MMA welder can freely switch between 220V single phase and 380V three-phase. Lightweight, sturdy and durable, it is a piece of welding equipment that delivers stable, powerful electric arc. High duty cycle makes the welder suitable for use with various diameters of electrode. IP23 rating ensures its operating safety even under severe working conditions.
    1. Professional MMA Welder

      IGBT technology enables high output power with duty cycle up to 60%. Made with reliable quality, this MMA welder is suitable for welding large-scale steel plant and shipbuilding factory.

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IGBT Inverter MMA Welding Machine

With the advent of IGBT, it is now possible to build an inverter MMA welding machine that is capable of coping with the high loads of arc welding. This inverter welding unit is so light weight and customers find it easy to carry around. It requires very simple operations while delivering high power efficiency.

With an IGBT incorporated in the inverter circuit, the inverter welder is gradually replacing traditional clumsy, wasteful transformer-based welder. Not only is it widely use in industry welding process, but millions of ordinary families find it a handy tool for their daily welding operations.