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MOSFET Inverter MMA Welding Machine

  • ARC-200 MOSFET
  • ARC-250 MOSFET

The MOSFET inverter MMA welder represents the third generation of arc welders developed by DONSUN. Compared with an ordinary integrated power unit, the MOSFET device is made of 3 plates stacked up one upon another. This configuration ensures more stable, reliable welding performance.

The use of pulse width modulation technology enables an inverting frequency up to 100KHz, which makes this MMA welding machine suitable for use with various acidic and basic electrodes. Materials that can be welded by this welding unit include low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, and alloy steel. Thus far, our MOSFET welding machine has been widely used in the light industry, repair and domestic steel structure installation applications.

1.Made with PWM technology, our MMA welding machine has a power conversion efficiency up to 85%, which is 30% improvement over a traditional welder.
2. Built-in protections protect the welder from over-voltage, overheat, and over-current, ensure the operating safety and reliability.
3. Upon your request, we can add a voltage reduction device to prevent electrical breakdown. The no-load voltage ranges between 9V and 15V, which ensures user safety.
4. Built-in arc-ignition function makes it easier for the welder to strike the arc.
5. Stable electric arc and great dynamic characteristics reduce weld splash and enable easy control of the weld quality.
6. Key components installed on this MMA welding machine are imported from well-known manufacturers, which have passed the CCC, CE and RoHS certifications.

Technical Specifications

Model ZX7-200 ZX7-250
Input voltage (V) 1 phase 220 ± 15% 3- 380V ± 15%
Frequency (HZ) 50/60 50/60
Rated input current(A) 43.6 14.4
No-load voltage(V) 58 66
Output current range (A) 30-200 20-250
Rated output voltage(V) 28 30
Rated duty cycle(%) 60 60
No-load loss(W) 40 60
Efficiency(%) 80 85
Power factor 0.73 0.93
Insulation class F F
Protection class IP21 IP21
Weight 8 17.5
Dimensions (mm) 375×155×232 480×204×303
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