AC MMA Welder

  • BX1-250
  • BX1-315
  • BX1-400
  • BX1-500

The AC MMA welder uses the armature and forced air system to perform welding on the low-carbon steel structure by using ordinary electrode as the filler material. Fast arc-ignition, stable electric arc, wide-ranging adjustment electricity, and overload protection are the major advantages of the AC MMA welding machine.

Various steel structures can be welded by this MMA welder, including the low-carbon steel and alloy steel. Additionally, large-power models can be used for electric arc cutting.

1. The arc welder housing is made of 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick cold-rolling steel plate. Holes are punched in the housing to facilitate heat dissipation. On the top is installed the handle or lifting hook. Wheels are mounted at the bottom to make it easier to move the AC MMA welder.
2. The iron core of the transformer is made of imported silicon steel sheet that allows maximum magnetic flux. Cone-shaped armature is available with the shock-proof mechanism to ensure quiet operation.
3. The copper wire color is T2 purple. It is wound into a coil. Between 2 layers is Teflon seal tape to enhance the insulation.
4. Stable electric arc produces little weld flash and deep weld, which ensures maximum weld quality.
5. Simple structure, high operating stability, and convenient repair and maintenance greatly reduce the breakdown time of the MMA welder which causes decreased productivity.

Technical Specifications

Model BX1-160 BX1-200 BX1-250 BX1-315 BX1-400 BX1-500 BX1-630
Technical Specifications
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Phase Number 1 1
Rated Input Capacity 10.2KVA 12.9KVA 17.1KVA 23KVA 28KVA 40KVA 49KVA
Rated Duty Cycle 35% 35%
No Load Voltage 61V 64V 71V 67V 73V
Rated Output Current 160A 200A 250A 315A 400A 500A 630A
Rated Load Voltage 26.4V 28V 30V 32.6V 36V 40V 44V
Current Adjustment Range 40~160A 40~200A 50~250A 63~315A 80~400A 100~500A 130~630A
Insulation Class F F
Electrode Diameter 2~3MM 2~4MM 2~5MM 2~6MM 2.5~7MM 3.2~8MM
Weight 68KG 70KG 80KG 100KG 112KG 130KG 146KG
Dimensions 558×382×660(MM) 607×435×691(MM) 663×490×788(MM)
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