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DC MMA Welder with Iron Core

The DC MMA welder with iron core applies the iron type, forced air cooling structure. It can use any brand welding electrode for the direct, manual electric arc welding and metal filling. Welding machine of ZX1 series is characterized by low power consumption, fast arc striking, stable electric arc, wide current adjustment, etc. It is suitable for the welding of low-carbon steel, low allow structural parts. High power model can be used as arc cutting equipment.

1. Iron core of main transformer is ring-shaped. The coil is varnished wire added with Teflon belt for reinforced insulation. Therefore, this DC MMA welder with iron core can be used even in the low-temperature environment or humid environment.
2. The AC welding machine is adapt to the environment temperature up to 45°C, 5°C higher than the national standard temperature +40°C. It works normally even in the outdoor environment.
3. P plate has gone through the moisture-proof processing. The whole plate has been immersed in the rubber for 3 times. All the parts including surface welding point are protected by insulation film.
4. The DC MMA welder applies the simplified main circuit design, as it has no AC contactor. The buffering circuit is changed from resistance capacity type to buffer capacitor, avoiding the IGBT damage caused by buffer circuit failure.


Model ZX1-315 ZX1-400 ZX1-500 ZX1-800
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
Phase Number 3
Rated Input Capacity 25KVA 30.4KVA 38.3KVA 69.3KVA
Rated Duty Cycle 35% 60%
No Load Voltage 63~71V 65~73V
Rated Input Current 37.9A 46.1A 58A 105A
Rated Duty Cycle 35% 60%
Current Adjust Range 85~315A 105~400A 115~500A 240~800A
Working Voltage 32.6V 36V 40V 44V
Electrode Diameter 2.5~6mm 3.2~7mm 3.2~8mm 8~16mm
Weight 126KG 142KG 153KG 257KG
Dimensions 750×500×810(mm) 740×550×1050(mm)
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