Thyristor DC MMA Welder

The ZX5 series thyristor DC MMA welder is characterized by high efficiency, small no-load loss, and remarkable energy-saving effect. Equipped with integrated components, this welding machine boasts stable arc, calm weld pool, small splash, and excellent welding performance. It can also automatically compensate for voltage changes.

Our thyristor DC MMA welder is easy to operate and the current can be remotely adjusted. This welding equipment is suitable for welding low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, and low alloy steel components. It can be applied in the oil, pressure vessel, food machinery, metal structure, chemical machinery, car manufacture, shipbuilding, pipeline project, and other fields.

1. This arc welding machine can be used for the manual arc welding of all kinds of electrodes.
2. SCR control technology is adopted, achieving stepless current adjustment. Also, the current is stable and the noise produced during operation is low.
3. The thyristor DC MMA welder is equipped with adjustable arc igniting current and thrust current devices for easy arc ignition. It also supports automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuations.
4. The welding current can be adjusted from a great distance, facilitating operation.
5. The weld pool is deep, ensuring small splash and beautiful weld, which is conducive to all-position welding.
6. Original imported main circuit power rectifier is adopted. It works stably and reliably.

Technical Parameters

TYPE ZX5-250 ZX5-315 ZX5-400 ZX5-500 ZX5-630
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Phase Number 3 3
Rated Input Capacity 13KVA 18.9KVA 24KVA 31KVA 48.3KVA
No Load Voltage 62V 64V 64V 76V
Rated Welding current 250A 315A 400A 500A 630A
Current Adjustment Range 50~250A 50~315A 80~400A 80~500A 120~630A
Rated Duty Cycle 60% 60%
Weight 120KG 130KG 160KG 170KG 201KG
Dimensions 673×375×754 (mm) 600×480×905 (mm) 660×530×980 (mm)
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