1. MOSFET Inverter MMA Welding MachineThe use of pulse width modulation technology enables an inverting frequency up to 100KHz, which makes this MMA welding machine suitable for use with various acidic and basic electrodes. Materials that can be welded by this welding unit include low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, and alloy steel.

MMA Welder

Donsun is a leading manufacturer of manual metal arc welding equipment. We strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2008 standards under which Donsun is certified. Here at Donsun, a wide selection of MMA welders is available, including the IGBT inverter MMA welding equipment, MOSFET inverter MMA welder, and the transformer-based MMA welding machine.

When you order from Donsun, you are assured of high quality with an MMA welder that bears the CCC mark. DONSUN welding machines are widely-used products in a variety of industrial, manufacturing, and domestic applications. Please feel free to contact us for any product-related questions.