Economical MIG/MAG Welder

The economical MIG/MAG welder is a Co2 gas shielded welding machine with the functions such as small current start-up and automatic alternating current balance. It is capable of implementing the welding operation on the premise of optimal arc striking and low current. An optimal ratio between cleaning and depth of fusion will be formed during the crucial AC aluminum welding process. The affordable welding equipment is configured with a simple controller and an innovative accessories storage cabinet. Consequently, it creates beautiful and uniform welding seams.

This economical MIG/MAG welder is mainly suited to the welding of low-carbon steel, lightweight steel structure, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Users can use it for equipment installation, airplanes or ships welding, motorcycles welding, metal components welding, etc. It performs exceptionally well on matter when you use it for industrial production or vocational education. Users can use it as metal plate processing equipment, aluminum welder, etc.

1. The economical MIG/MAG welder is mounted with a high-performance power supply.
2. Its stable performance is guaranteed by IGBT technology of single-phase inverter and built-in wire feeder.
3. Because of the stable voltage output, the inverter allows for ±15% voltage fluctuation.
4. Electronic control is used for stable welding arc and minimum possibility of splashing.
5. This series welding machines are designed with thermal overload and over-current protection functions. They require low maintenance cost and have long service life.
6. Our welding device is simple, economical, and practical. It is applicable to weld metal plates with thickness of no less than 0.8mm.


Model MIG-250 MIG-300
Input Power Voltage(V) 3 Phase 380V ± 15%
Rated Input Current(A) 14 19
Rated Input Power(KVA) 9.2 12.6
Current Adjusting Range(A) 50-275 50-300
Output Voltage(V) 15-29 15-29
Rated Duty Cycle(%) 60 60
Power Factory 0.85 0.85
Efficiency(%) 85 85
Wire Feeder Build-in Build-in
Post Flow Time(S) 1 1
Wire Spool Diameter(mm) 270 270
Wire Diameter(mm) 0.8/1.0 0.8/1.0
Machine Diameter(mm) 510*273*440 510*273*440
Weight(kg) 26 26
Suitable Welding Plate(mm) 0.8+ 0.8+
Insulation Class F F
Protection Class IP21 IP21
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