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Professional MIG/MAG Welder

  • NBCS-350
  • NBCS-500
  • NBCS-630

The professional MIG/MAG welder is a Co2 gas shielded welding machine with numerical control function. It obtains distinguished welding performance by supplying constant voltage output for heavy-duty welding. It can rapidly adapt to the electric arc variations. Absolutely, it is the ideal welding equipment when it comes to the MIG/MAG welding and flux cored arc welding process. This device mainly uses Φ1.0mm toΦ1.6mm solid wires and flux-cored wires to weld different materials, e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, and so on.

The MIG/MAG welding machine can reach the highest level of high efficiency and power factor, so as to save the power consumption and reduce the production cost. It can be combined with the wire feeder to form a welding system which is favorable for the optimal output control. The welding system offers the clients' desired electric arc performance and welding quality. So the our professional MIG/MAG welder is definitely the best welding equipment for heavy steel structure and shipbuilding industry. It can be applied as steel structure welder or spot welder.

1. Our professional MIG/MAG welder adopts the soft switch control to improve the welding conditions.
2. Through the application of world top brand IGBT technology, it reacts quickly, and is energy-saving, durable.
3. Microcomputer control technology is used to make parameters automatically matched. And the operation is simple and convenient.
4. A closed-loop feedback control is applied. This welding machine has stable voltage output and strong capability to resist network fluctuations. The welding voltage is continuously adjustable to ensure good welding performance.
5. After welding, the MIG MAG welding machine will automatically to get rid of the molten drops on the end part of welding wires. It has a special program to improve the success rate of one-time arc striking。
6. It has offers three welding methods, i.e. CO2 gas shielding welding, MAG mixed gas shielded welding, and manual flux-coated electrode welding.
7. Products welded by this efficient welder features good welding appearance. During the welding process, few spatters appear.
8. The professional MIG/MAG welder is available with multiple protection functions. There are short circuit protection function, over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, etc.
9. Digital interface board can be mounted to realize the central management of welders. You can monitor the welders via a principle computer.


Model NBCS-350 NBCS-500 NBCS-630
Input Power Voltage(V, HZ) 3-380V ± 15% 50/60 3-380V ± 15% 50/60 3-380V ± 15% 50/60
Rated Power Capacity(KVA) 13.8 24.3 37
Rated Input Current(A) 27.5 43 56
Rated Output Current(A) 350 500 630
No-load Voltage(V) 74 82 83
Output Current AdjustmentRange (A) 60-350 70-500 70-630
Voltage Adjustment Range(V) 15-40 15-50 15-50
Arc Current(A) 60-350 70-500 70-630
Arc Voltage(V) 15-40 15-50 15-50
Suitable Diameter of Wire(mm) ¢ 1.0, ¢ 1.2 ¢ 1.0, ¢ 1.2, ¢ 1.6 ¢ 1.2, ¢ 1.6
Wire Feed Speed(M/min) 2-18 2-18 2-18
Rated Duty Cycle(%) 80 80 80
Power Factor(%) 87 87 87
Efficiency(%) 89 89 89
Weight(Kg) 55 58 60
Dimensions (mm) 580x334x480 580x334x530 580x334x550
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