1. Economical MIG/MAG WelderUsers can use it for equipment installation, airplanes or ships welding, motorcycles welding, metal components welding, etc. It performs exceptionally well on matter when you use it for industrial production or vocational education.
    1. MMA/MIG/TIG Welder

      The MMA/MIG/TIG welder is suitable for welding low-carbon steel, lightweight alloy structural steel, aluminum, stainless steel, photovoltaic products, etc.

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    1. Professional MIG/MAG Welder

      The MIG/MAG welding machine can reach the highest level of high efficiency and power factor, so as to save the power consumption and reduce the production cost.

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IGBT Inverter MIG/MAG Welding Machine

IGBT inverter MIG/MAG welding machine is a highly efficient MIG/MAG welder which applies CO2 as the protective gas. It relies on the electric arc between welding stick and weldment to melt the metal and then achieve the welding effect. This welding method adopts automatic wire feeding system and offers high output. And all the welded products are stable in quality. The welding equipment has found a wide range of applications in numerous areas, e.g. automobiles manufacturing and repairing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, lightweight steel structure installation, among others. It serves as automobile welding machine, machinery processing equipment, steel structure welder, metal welding machine, etc.