Integrated MIG/MAG Welder

  • NBC-250
  • NBC-315

This integrated MIG/MAG welder belongs to an integrated type carbon dioxide gas shield welder, ideal for thin plate welding. With favorable electric arc performance, it lets you efficiently, rapidly to complete the welding task. Minimum spatters will be generated. In addition, it not only can be used as thin plate welding machine, but also lightweight structure welding equipment. The welding machine is ideal for the gas shielded welding of low-carbon steel and low alloy steel.

1. Output voltage of our integrated MIG MAG welder can be conveniently adjusted through changing the coils of main transformer. It is dedicated for sheet plate welding.
2. This welding machine has a continuously adjustable function for burn-back accident control. Such function is designed to prevent the welding wires from being stuck together.
3. It is equipped with a built-in wire feeding mechanism with good maneuverability.
4. Its service life is greatly extended, as it applies the durable copper transformer winding.
5. The welding machine allows for small welding heat affected zone. Welded product has small deformation and beautiful welding seams.
6. It can protect itself from over heat and over current.
7. A power supply for fan cooling system is equipped, which has greatly extended the operation time of the integrated MIG MAG welder.


Model NBC-200 NBC-250 NBC-315
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
Phase Number 3
Rated Welding Current 200A 250A 315A
Rated Load Voltage 24V 26.5V 30V
Current Adjust Range 50~200A 50~250A 60~315A
Open Circuit Voltage 15~31V 16~33V 16~36V
Rated Duty Cycle 35% 60%
Wire Feed Speed 3~15m/min
Spot/ Intermittent Welding Time 0.2~5S
Intermittent Welding Spot Time 0.2~5S
Weight 100KG 108KG 130KG
Dimensions 663×395×766(mm)
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