Separated MIG/MAG Welder

  • NBC-250
  • NBC-350
  • NBC-500

The separated MIG MAG welder of NBC series is also a carbon dioxide gas shield welder. It offers optimal welding current output. NBC-500 series offer the output range of 80-500A. Split type wire feeder enables the workpiece to be welded even at a place away from the welding power source. The welding machine is especially designed to be easily used. It can be conveniently controlled via a operation panel. It is usually serves as steel processing equipment, steel structure welding machine, or welder for mechanical processing.

Since high quality welding performance depends on the high quality feeding system, we have installed a powerful wire feeding system and electronic feedback system to the separated MIG MAG welder. Besides that, the welding machine has different shifts of voltage.

1. Our separated MIG MAG welder applies three-phase bridge rectification for its main circuit, and uses direct current reactor to obtain higher short circuit frequency in the small current area. The short circuit frequency in the large current area is lower. Few spatters will appear.
2. It has a continuously adjustable function, with which the burn-back accident can be controlled. This function prevents the welding wires from being stuck together.
3. To prevent the excessive fatigue caused by long-time seam welding, the welding machine is designed with 2-step or 4-step control function.
4. It is added with a power supply for fan cooling system. The added configuration can significantly prolong the service life and improve the duty cycle.
5. The separated MIG MAG welder is designed with over heat protection function. It can automatically sense the heat so as to protect the welding operation.
6. It permits a small welding heat affected zone. Welded products has small deformation and beautiful welding seams.


Model NBC-200 NBC-250 NBC-315 NBC-350 NBC-500
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
Phase Number 3
Rated Welding Current 200A 250A 315A 350A 500A
Rated Load Voltage 24V 26.5V 30V 31.5V 39V
Current Adjust Range 50~200A 50~250A 60~315A 60~350A 80~500A
Open Circuit Voltage 15~31V 16~33V 16~36V 18~40V 19~50V
Rated Duty Cycle 35% 60%
Wire Feed Speed 3~15m/min
Spot/Intermittent Welding Time 0.2~5S
Intermittent Welding Spot Time 0.2~5S
Weight 103KG 115KG 135KG 145KG 175KG
Dimensions 660×378×756(mm) 680×408×756(mm) 776×408×756(mm)
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