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MIG/MAG Welder with Melting Electrode

  • NB(KR)-350
  • NB(KR)-500
  • NB(KR)-630

The MIG/MAG welder with melting electrode is our latest single phase input tap welding machine, also called CO2 gas shielded welding machine. The design and manufacture adhere to our strict standards as usual. This model enjoys excellent workmanship and the most favorable price. It is a very cost-effective choice for customers.

The series includes four types: NB (KR)-250, NB (KR)-350, NB (KR)-500, and NB (KR)-630. They have different welding output but all achieve high quality welding effects. The performance distinguished them to be an ideal choice for automobile body welding, sheet metal welding, and workshop maintenance.

1. The semi-automatic MIG/MAG welder with melting electrode is thyristor module controlled.
2. This machine is suitable for the welding of low-carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum alloy. (When used as aluminum welding machine, it uses flux-cored wire and is supported by double drive wire feeder).
3. It is suitable for solid-core or flux-cored wire gas shielded welding.
4. This welding equipment has simple, unitary switching mechanism with adjustable current and voltage.
5. It is suitable for CO2, MIG, and MAG gas shielded welding.
6. SCR adjustment of wire feed speed ensures the smooth and reliable wire feeding during the welding process.
7. The MIG/MAG welder has excellent output characteristics. Even with disturbed arc length, it still makes a continuous and stable welding process.


Model NB(KR)-250 NB(KR)-350 NB(KR)-500 NB(KR)-630
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
Phase Number 3
Open Circuit Voltage 34V 52V 66V 73V
Rated Input Capacity 7.6K VA 18KVA 31.9KVA 43.5KVA
Load Voltage 16.5~26.5V 17~31.5V 17~39V 19~44V
Output Current 50~250A 60~350A 60~500A 100~630A
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Weight 115kg 130kg 190kg 229kg
Dimensions 680×408×756(mm) 710×436×814(mm) 660×530×978(mm)
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