1. Integrated MIG/MAG WelderWith favorable electric arc performance, it lets you efficiently, rapidly to complete the welding task. Minimum spatters will be generated. In addition, it not only can be used as thin plate welding machine, but also lightweight structure welding equipment.
    1. Separated MIG/MAG Welder Split type wire feeder enables the workpiece to be welded even at a place away from the welding power source. The welding machine is especially designed to be easily used. It can be conveniently controlled via a operation panel.
    1. MIG/MAG Welder with Melting ElectrodeThe MIG/MAG welder with melting electrode is our latest single phase input tap welding machine, also called CO2 gas shielded welding machine. The design and manufacture adhere to our strict standards as usual. This model enjoys excellent workmanship and the most favorable price. It is a very cost-effective choice for customers.

Transformer Based MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Our transformer based MIG/MAG welding machine is a three-phase gas metal arc welding machine. It is mainly used for CO2 welding, MIG welding, and MAG welding. Applicable materials that can be welded by this steel materials welding equipment, consist of low-carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, among others. User can use the welder for spot welding, butt welding, angle welding, and overlap welding.

This transformer based MIG MAG welding machine can use pure CO2, Ar, CO2+Ar, and CO2+ O2 to make sure the stable welding process. That means, it is also a CO2+Ar or CO2+ O2 mixed gas shielded welder. It is featured by high production efficiency, energy conservation, strong electric arc penetrability, and small welding deformation. Suitable welding wire diameter is from φ0.8 - φ1.2mm.