AC/DC TIG Welder

  • TIG-200 ACDC
  • TIG-250 ACDC
  • TIG-315 ACDC

The AC/DC TIG welder, as the name suggests, can achieve both AC output and DC output. The AC power supply is realized through secondary inverter circuit. The circuit keeps multiple current parameters under precise control, thus expending the application range of argon arc welding. The clean width is self-adaptive and small current welding will be more stable.

This series sets an example for multi-functional argon arc welding machines. It can be applied to metallic welding and installation, aluminum and aluminum alloy manufacturing, and various metal containers welding.

1. As a specialized TIG welding machine, the AC/DC TIG welder has all the features of standard welders: high frequency TIG arc starting, lift TIG arc starting, 2/4 control, variable declining current and gas post flow. It meets demands of a variety of applications.
2. Our AC/DC TIG welder adopts pressurized tungsten arc starting. The arc starting current can be preset and the gas preflow is adjustable.
3. The arc starting current, current upslope/downslope time, and arc ending can be freely set to avoid welding defect.
4. The pulse peak current, pulse frequency and adjustment of duty cycle and base current allows the welding to be precisely controlled.
5. The 2T/4T two steps or four steps of operation can adapt to different welding needs.
6. The AC/DC TIG welder achieves flexible use of various current parameters. It is an ideal welder for aluminum and aluminum alloy materials.
7. A zero-offset control is available for AC welding. It makes small current welding more stable and big current welding quieter.
8. An external current control pedal can be equipped for convenient use.
9. DC manual welding is a plus.


Parameter/Model WSE-200 WSE-250 WSME-250 WSME-315
Input voltage AC220 ± 15% AC220 ± 15% AC380V ± 15% AC380V ± 15%
Frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated input current 32.5 43.5 19.7/13.6 27.6/20
Output current range 10-200 10-250 20-250 20-315
No-load voltage 44 44 51 68
Rated output voltage 18 20 32.6/22.6 36/26
Pre-flow 0-2 0-2
Vale value current 20-80 20-80 10-90 10-90
Down slope 0-5 0-5
Post-flow 2-10 2-10 1-10 1-10
Remote control YES YES
Arcing way Transfer Transfer HF HF
Efficiency 80 80 85 85
Duty cycle 60 60 60 60
Power factor 0.73 0.73 0.93 0.93
Insulation class F F F F
Protection class IP21 IP21 IP21 IP21
Net weight 22.1 23.4 29 29
Dimensions 560×364×302 498×328×302 515×263×440 515×263×440
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