1. Economical MMA/TIG WelderBased on the working principle of a standard TIG welder, assisted by auxiliary circuits, the economical MMA/TIG welder also integrates MMA welding function. With a large market demand, this 2-in-1 welding machine is well-received by customers with its high reliability and excellent performance.
    1. Professional MMA/TIG WelderDigital inverter technology is adopted in the design and manufacture of the professional MMA/TIG welder. This welding machine shows structural soundness and excellent arc characteristics. The housing is light but strong and durable. So this machine is portable and suitable for operations under the most dangerous circumstances.
    1. Pulsed MMA/TIG WelderThe pulsed MMA/TIG welder is another series of inverter welding machine of ours. What distinguishes it from the professional series is the variable high frequency pulse. The pulse can adjust the arc focus to be fit for different applications. Thereby, heat input is less; seaming is more controllable; distortion is less likely to occur; and welding speed is higher.
    1. AC/DC TIG Welder

      The AC/DC TIG welder, as the name suggests, can achieve both AC output and DC output. The AC power supply is realized through secondary inverter circuit.

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Inverter TIG Welding Machine

The inverter TIG welding machine takes argon as the shielding gas, and tungsten as the non-consumable electrode. The inverter welder makes use of the arc between the tungsten electrode and the welding part, and melts the base plate to complete welding (welding wire is melted together). The argon gas is used to protect the welded metal and tungsten electrode molten pool from oxidation.

The inverter TIG welding machine applies to the welding of low carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. It is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, construction and decoration, pipeline installation and maintenance, etc. It can be a specialized machine for stainless steel welding and pipeline welding. High current machines can be used for pressure vessel manufacture.