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IGBT Inverter Submerged Arc Welder

  • MZS-1000
  • MZS-1250

The IGBT inverter submerged arc welder is an integrated welding system. This inverter welder has the following functions: welding energy supply; continuous wire feeding; automatic movement of arc along weld; flux spreading in welding area; control of welding parameters and steps.

Our inverter submerged arc welder has many advantages, such as high productivity, excellent welding quality, and strong wind resistance. It is the most commonly used automatic arc welding method in industrial production. It is widely used in areas of shipbuilding, boilers, bridges, chemical containers, heavy machinery, metallurgy machinery and steel manufacturing, and other fields.

1. The inverter submerged arc welder adopts IGBT module with an inverter frequency of 20KHz. The key components include the fast recovery diode, integrated circuit, relay, current and voltage regulator. They all come from international famous brand with high reliability.

2. Soft switching inverter technology is employed by our designer. All the technical indicators have reached the industrial standard of international famous brands.

3. PWM wire feed control and arc voltage compensation create optimum welding condition.

4. Even in an ambient temperature of 40°C, the submerged arc welder still keeps a 100% duty cycle. It is particularly suitable for long time running in harsh environments, like the use under high temperature and high current circumstances in heavy industries.

5. The submerged welding machine has constant current, constant voltage output, and multifunctional power supply. It is suitable for electro-slag welding, air carbon arc gouging, submerged arc welding with fine wire (constant voltage), and submerged arc welding with thick wire (constant current).

6. At arcing point, the wire contacts with workpiece, and wire feed will automatically stop. Wire feeding head will not be lifted. The operation will be more convenient.

7. The system performs with a nearly 100% arcing success rate. The welding features strong penetrability and good-looking result.

8. The inverter control power supply only asks for 80% input capacity of a conventional welding machine. Thereby, the submerged arc welder has much lower power consumption.

9. The machine weight is 67% lighter than that of conventional welders, and the volume is 52% smaller. So the installation is quite easy.

10. This arc welding equipment has perfect protection circuit and automatic arc-retracting circuit to ensure safe operation.


Model MZS-630 MZS-1000 MZS-1250
Input power voltage(V) 3 phase 380 ± 10% 3 phase 380 ± 10% 3 phase 380 ± 10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated input capacity(KVA) 31 53 65
Rated input current(A) 52 85 110
Power factor 0.9 0.9 0.9
Welding current range (A) 20-630 20-1000 20-1250
No-load voltage(V) 76 85 85
Efficiency(%) 87 87 87
Rated duty cycle(%)(40°C ) 100 100 100
Protection class IP23 IP23 IP23
Insulation class F F F
Suitable diameter of rod(mm) 1.6-2.5 2.5-5.0 3.2-6.0
Welding power source ARCS-630 ARCS-1000 ARCS-1250
Model Tractor-1000
Matchable power source MZS-630/1000/1250
Input power voltage (V) 100(Customized voltage)
Welding current(A) 1000
Wire diameter (mm) 2-6
Rated wire feeding speed (m/min) 6
Rated welding speed (m/min) 1.5
Beam adjustable height (mm) 100
Welding adjustable height (mm) 100
Welding adjustable horizontal (mm) 70
Torch deflexion angle ± 45°
Welding head deflexion angle ± 45°
Wire spool weight (kg) 25
Weight (kg) 65
Dimension (mm) 114×49×81
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