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Transformer Based Submerged Arc Welder

  • MZ-1000
  • MZ-1250

The MZ series transformer based submerged arc welder supplied by Donsun is able to weld a variety of beveled butt weld, lap weld, fillet weld, and more. It is an ideal choice for customers to deal with butt weld or fillet weld on a horizontal plane or an inclination of 10 degrees.

1. The DC submerged arc automatic welder adopts varying-speed wire feeding form of feedback of supply voltage. High sensitivity and fast response allow the electronic control circuit to make arc extremely stable.

2. The submerged arc welding machine can automatically realize scraping arc in accordance with the contact situation of workpieces and arc-striking wires. Also, it allows arc to be quenched automatically on basis of arc length. Therefore, the striking of arc in welding process can guarantee welding quality and simplify operation. Also, it can reduce labor strength.

3. A wire-feed trolley is dragged by a DC motor. It adopts a thyristor for stepless speed regulation. Other advantages include extremely convenient speed adjustment and high reliability.

4. The transformer based submerged arc welder adopts high-power thyristor to achieve automatic welding under flux layer.

5. The automatic welding equipment can realize multiple welding manners such as the ring welding, fillet welding, butt welding, and the lap welding, etc.


Type MZ-630 MZ-1000 MZ-1250
Technical Parameters
Power Voltage/Frequency 380V/50HZ
Phase Number 3
Rated Input Capacity 48.3KVA 86KVA 99KVA
Open Circuit Voltage 76V
Welding Current 120~630A 200~1000A 250~1250A
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Wire Diameter 2~3mm 3~5mm 3~6mm
Tractor Weight 60kg 65kg
Head Lateral Bevel Angle 30°
Vertical Adjust Range 85mm
Horizontal Adjust Range 60mm
Vertical Rotary Angle 土 180 °
Weight 290kg 340kg 370kg
Dimensions 960×490×800 (mm) 1140×590×920 (mm)
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