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Transformer Based Spot Welder

The DTN series transformer based spot welder is produced by Donsun to act as a kind of point and convex dual-purpose welding machine. It is mainly used for welding low carbon steel, stainless steel, and some nonferrous metals. Also, it can realize the projection welding of bolts, nuts and plates.

Our welding equipment is an indispensable machine used for parts welding in different industries such as the vehicles, household appliances, and the metal cabinets, etc.

1. This series of transformer based spot welder adopts direct pressurizing mechanism to provide outstanding servo performance and high welding speed. Its guide section adopts a low-friction special material. An electro pneumatic valve is directly connected with an air cylinder, which can improve RBI rate and also reduce the loss of air flow.

2. This series of transformer based spot welder has the function of adjusting pressure speed. It allows the rate of rise and decline to be regulated at will. Then, it can not only reduce noise and mechanical impact, but also extend the service life of a cylinder.

3. The filter cup of a high-performance air circuit system is designed with a cover to prevent fragments from splattering when the cup is broken. Also, it can be protected from external impact. Both cup and shield can be unassembled and maintained easily. The adoption of water-saving type forced circulation cooling method avoids wasting water, and also enormously reduces the consumption of cooling water.

4. High-strength structure allows the transformer based spot welder to give strong resistance to shock and vibration. It can effectively prevent an electrode tip from slipping during pressurization, so as to realize high-quality and stable welding.

5. A secondary conductor adopts upper insulation method to avoid iron attachment or short-circuit accident of an insulator easily caused in the base installation and welding process.

6. The main circuit adopts water-cooled and high power thyristor. The output power is strong, stable and highly reliable.

7. Electric circuit features high conductivity and low power loss. In secondary current loop, the upper secondary output of a main transformer adopts multi-layered, high-toughness and high-conductivity copper strip. Additionally, it utilizes U-shaped connection system. Therefore, its service life is significantly improved. The lower secondary output adopts integrated direct connection system to minimize power loss.

Technical Parameters

Type DTN-25 DTN-40 DTN-63 DTN-80 DTN-100 DTN-125
Input Voltage/ Frequency 380V/50Hz
Rated Capacity 25KVA 40KVA 63KVA 80KVA 100KVA 125KVA
Rated Input Current 66A 105A 166A 210A 263A 328A
Rated Duty Cycle 20%
Secondary Open Circuit Voltage 2~4.13V 2.5~5V 2.97~5.94V 3.52~7.04V 3.66~7.32V 4.32~8.64V
Electrode Arm Extension Length 450mm 500mm
Horn Spacing 220mm 300mm 350mm
Upper Electrode Working Stroke 100mm
Max. Electrode Force 3800N 5900N 9700N
Welding Low Carbon Steel Thickness 2.5+2.5mm 3+3mm 3.5+3.5mm 4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm
Pressure of Condensed Air 0.6Mpa
Flux of Cooling Water 120 I/H 180 I/H 300 I/H 480 I/H
Weight 198kg 260kg 310kg 320kg 500kg 518kg
Dimensions 920×500×1530(mm) 1020×500×1620(mm) 1100×580×1780(mm) 1120×620×1880(mm)
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