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Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

  • CUT40
  • CUT60
  • CUT100

1. The CUT series inverter plasma cutting machine adopts compressed air as working gas. High-temperature and high-speed plasma is used as heat source.

2. This product allows the cut material to be partly melted, while simultaneously blowing off the melted metal with high-speed jet stream so as to form narrow incision.

3. The inverter plasma cutter made by Donsun is able to cut the objects of different shapes such as arc, straight line, and more. It makes incision narrow and smooth.

4. This kind of processing equipment can realize fully automatic cutting process by working together with the semi-automatic trolley, copying cutter, and the CNC cutter.

5. The inverter plasma cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal blank in various industries. For instance, the metal plasma cutting equipment is applicable to the assembly, processing and cutting of sheets in the production of different equipment such as the motor vehicles, automobile, boiler, chemical machinery, pressure vessel, hoisting machinery, and the kitchen utensils, etc.

1. By adoption of PWM pulse-width control technology, the inverter plasma cutting machine features superb constant-current characteristic, precise current control, and high cutting stability.

2. Small heat-affected zone, low-deformation workpiece, and significant energy reduction

3. The inverter plasma cutting machine features light weight and portable use. For instance, CUT-40 weighs only 14kg.

4. The CUT-100I IGBT type product can offer high duty cycle by adoption of amorphous nanotechnology.

5. Plasma cutting technology provides high speed, narrow incision, and smooth incision.

6. CUT-100I/160I adopts non-contact high frequency arc to offer superb instant arcing. It can effectively cut any object with rust and paint.

7. The use of integrated circuit allows control circuit to control a program easily and reliably. Low failure rate and convenient maintenance are available.

Technical Parameters

Model CUT-40 CUT-60 CUT-80G CUT-100I CUT-160I
Input Power Voltage (V) 220V±15% 3 phase 380±15% 3 phase 380±15% 3 phase 380±15% 3 phase 380±15%
Frequency (HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated Input Current (A) 110V:21.5,220V:30 12 17.2 23 44.2
No-Load Voltage (V) 230 240 268 268 320
Output Current Range (A) 110V:20-30,220V:20-40 20-60 20-80 20-100 20-160
Rated Output Voltage (V) 110V:92,220V:96 104 112 120 144
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60 60 60 60 60
No-Load Loss (W) 40 60 60 80 80
Efficiency (%) 80 85 85 85 85
Power factor 0.73 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93
Insulation class F F F F F
Protection class IP21 IP21 IP21 IP21 IP21
Recommended air pressure 4-5 4.5-5.5 4.5-5.5 4-5 4-6
Arcing way Untouched Untouched Untouched Untouched Untouched
Max cutting thickness(mm) 110V:1-10,220V:1-14 15 1-25 1-40 1-45
Weight(KG) 14 18 25 36.5 60
Dimension(mm) 432×204×302 520×260×420 515×263×372 560×370×350 670×337×510
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