1. Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

      This product allows the cut material to be partly melted, while simultaneously blowing off the melted metal with high-speed jet stream so as to form narrow incision.

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    1. Transformer Based Plasma Cutter

      The integrated structure of our product is horizontally installed. Wheel and lug allows the cutting equipment to be moved or hoisted more conveniently.

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Plasma Cutter

1. The plasma cutter is supplied by Donsun which is a Chinese professional welding and cutting equipment manufacturer. It is mainly divided into two types including the CUT series inverter plasma cutting machine and the LGK series transformer based plasma cutter.

2. Both of them adopt compressed air as working gas. Additionally, they use high-temperature and high-speed plasma as heat source, so as to save the cost of expensive gas and also provide safe and reliable operation.

3. Thus far, these metal processing equipment sets have been widely applied in the machining of automobile, ships, chemical machinery, boilers, kitchenware, pressure vessel, food, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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