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    1. IGBT Inverter Submerged Arc WelderThe IGBT inverter submerged arc welder is an integrated welding system. This inverter welder has the following functions: welding energy supply; continuous wire feeding; automatic movement of arc along weld; flux spreading in welding area; control of welding parameters and steps.
    1. Transformer Based Submerged Arc WelderThe DC submerged arc automatic welder adopts varying-speed wire feeding form of feedback of supply voltage. High sensitivity and fast response allow the electronic control circuit to make arc extremely stable.
  • Transformer Based Spot Welder

    It is mainly used for welding low carbon steel, stainless steel, and some nonferrous metals. Also, it can realize the projection welding of bolts, nuts and plates.

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    1. Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

      This product allows the cut material to be partly melted, while simultaneously blowing off the melted metal with high-speed jet stream so as to form narrow incision.

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    1. Transformer Based Plasma Cutter

      The integrated structure of our product is horizontally installed. Wheel and lug allows the cutting equipment to be moved or hoisted more conveniently.

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