Shanghai Donsun Welding Group Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.111-121, Yezhuang Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, P. R. China
Zip Code: 201415
Tel.: +86-21-57467333


1. Brand Value
After more than 20 years of market development and customer accumulation, Donsun now has achieved good performance in the international market while occupying an important position in the domestic market. Our self-owned brand, DONSUN, enjoys increasing international awareness.

2. Production Scale
With nearly one thousand experienced assembly line production workers, we are able to produce over 40,000 electric welding machines in a month. In particular, we can manufacture 100 IGBT inverter MIG/MAG welding machines per day. We can also achieve the scale of daily output of 500 sets according to market demands.

3. Independent R&D
Our newly launched digitalized, intelligentized cutting and welding machines have achieved a high standard. For example, the CNC precision plasma cutting machine, integrating numerical control, computer and precision machinery technologies, is controlled via computer and can cut various metal sheets, like aluminum plates, carbon steel plates, and stainless steel plate, into the shape required by the customers quickly and precisely.

Our IGBT inverter welder adopts the latest inverter and loop topology technologies as well as computer motherboard design. It features small size, light weight, high stability, high work efficiency, remarkable energy-saving performance, and long time continuous manual welding. This welding machine can also work together with the welding robot to form a welding production line.

4. Quality Control
Donsun always attaches great importance to product quality control and management optimization. We passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2006. In product quality control, we implement the testing system of IQC, IPQC, PQC, and FQC to ensure the quality of our welders and cutters. Also, we have quality statisticians for regular collection and analysis of quality data, so as to make continuous improvement. In addition, our specialized metering personnel guarantee the effectiveness of measuring equipment.

5. Excellent Staff Team
Considering that most employees are engaged in the production of traditional welding and cutting equipment and unfamiliar with CNC and inverter technologies, we have organized relevant technical training to help them master new technologies and devote themselves to the R&D of new products. Our production workers are also given corresponding training to prepare for future production of new products.

Donsun also has a number of professional trade personnel and sets up a dedicated service team. In addition, we regularly carry out diverse training activities to improve corporate team capability and make each employee become part of the corporate culture.

6. Professional Sales and Service Support
Donsun insists on expanding domestic and foreign markets by quality products and services. We have accumulated a number of long-term cooperation customers by participating in domestic and international professional exhibitions as well as by online promotion.

7. Multi-Channel Cooperation

In key components, like thyristor and field-effect tube, and IGBT inverter technology, Donsun cooperates with world-renowned semiconductor companies, including German INFINEON, Italian ST, American FAIRCHILD, and Japanese Mitsubishi.

Additionally, Donsun has cooperated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and invested a lot in robot research. We also have established a strategic partnership with ABB, a robot manufacturing giant.