Shanghai Donsun Welding Group Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.111-121, Yezhuang Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, P. R. China
Zip Code: 201415
Tel.: +86-21-60873655

Quality Certification
  • Certificate of Conformity of Quality
    Management System
  • Shanghai Patent New Product
  • Adopting International Standard
    Product Marking Certification
  • BX1 (20%) AC Arc Welder
  • BX1 (35%) AC Arc Welder
  • BX3 AC Arc Welder
  • DN Spot Welding Machine
  • DNY-50 Portable Spot Welder
  • DNY Portable Resistance Spot
    Welding Machine
  • DTN Spot Projection Welding
  • LGK Air Plasma Arc Cutter
  • NB(KR) MIG Welder

  • NBC CO2 Gas Shielded Welding
  • NBC-K CO2 Gas Shielded Welder
  • NBCS Industrial Inverter CO2 Gas
    Shielded Welder
  • QLBF MIG-MAG Welding Torch
  • QTB MIG-MAG Welding Torch
  • SB CO2-MAG Wire Feeder
  • UN1 Resistance Welding Machine
  • WS DC Inverter Argon Arc Welder
  • WSE AC/DC Manual Argon Arc
  • WSE Inverter AC/DC Square Wave
    Arc Welder
  • WSM Inverter DC Pulse Argon
    Arc Welder
  • ZX1 DC Arc Welding Machine

  • ZX5 DC Arc Welding Machine
  • ZX7 DC Inverter Arc Welder
  • ZX (ZR) DC Arc Welding Machine