Shanghai Donsun Welding Group Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.111-121, Yezhuang Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, P. R. China
Zip Code: 201415
Tel.: +86-21-57467333

Development Milestone

1. In 1992
Shanghai East Asia Welding Machine Factory, the predecessor of Shanghai Donsun Welding Group Co., Ltd., was founded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

2. In 2002
Shanghai Donsun Welding Group Co., Ltd. was established.

3. In 2005
Donsun was rated as a Hi-Tech Enterprise in Shanghai.

4. In 2006
We passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and our products were certified by CCC.

5. In 2007
We obtained several honors, including Brand Enterprise, Brand Product, etc., and we became the president unit of Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce of Association of Industry and Commerce in Shanghai.

6. In 2008
Our trademark was rated as a Famous Trademark in Shanghai.

7. In 2009
Donsun was awarded the Brand of Independent Innovation in the Equipment Manufacturing and Hi-Tech Industries of Shanghai. We also became the vice chairman unit of the Welding Association in Shanghai as well as the vice president unit of the Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce of China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

8. In 2010
We obtained the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

9. In 2011
Donsun welder was ranked as a Brand Name & High Quality Product in Shanghai's welding industry.

10. In 2013
We became the Inverter Technology Incubator in the welding industry of Shanghai.